Hi, I'm Wouter Walmink,
a product designer who loves solving complex problems.

Product design from sketch to launch

Among others, I developed a product called Repper from scratch, taking care of concept development, implementation, promotion, sales and customer care. Later, I designed Stickets as part of a indie game company, taking care of UI, animation and web design.

Mastering complexity to produce simplicity

As a design generalist with a background in both business and research, I have the skill set to handle challenging use cases. I’ve helped to make a customisable business process tool (Podio) more powerful and simpler, built consumer design tools for furniture products (Downloadable Design) and explored new concepts in the specialised area of academic reading (Smarticle).

Prototyping as a way of working

I prototype to explore, explain and test; it is a key ingredient throughout my process. Depending on the purpose and time constraints, the format can range from simple click dummies in Keynote to functional prototypes in HTML based on real data through an API (see examples in mobile, web and hardware projects).

Great solutions require deep understanding

User research and good design go hand in hand. Underlying my work is a variety of user-centred techniques including surveying, user journey mapping, in person and remote user-testing and depth interviewing.

Some selected projects