A brutally elegant puzzle game for iOS.

joint development under Wanderlands
2012 - 2013
App website
App Store
Harry Lee, Jarrel Seah, Guy Noble
Interface design, animation, web design.
8,000+ App Store sales
Great reception by critics and players


Behind its simple facade, Stickets packs a tough game. My aim was to let the interface create minimal obtrusion between the puzzler and the puzzle.

Every view is based on the same core template. The large and bold style made the game pleasantly transparent. However, the challenge was to communicate all game aspects at this scale, including more complex views like time mode and the puzzle menu. Through careful iteration, I balanced the composition and proportion of visuals and typography.


Dozens of handcrafted color themes came and went. We eventually chose primary, icecream and classic, each with a matching interactive soundscape.


Stickets was very well-received. Critics rated us at 87% average, players have rated the game 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We won Best Australian Game of the Year at Freeplay 2012 and The New Yorker listed us among 'the most elegant iPhone games of 2013'.

A minimalist, gorgeous and fiendish puzzle game.


Stickets is beautifully and simply presented, with soothing ambient music and soft, musical sound effects.

Sydney Morning Herald

Stickets is a piece of art, and wouldn't look out of place hanging in a modern art museum. [...] Developer Wanderlands has created a striking, spare work, a mix of intellect and aesthetics.